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Holidays and trips often rhyme with long journey. Whether you choose to do it by car, plane, bus or train, it is not uncommon to feel pain, which can spoil the party.

The four issues of the traveler

Whatever the type of transport chosen, the problems that the traveler may encounter are substantially the same. They are mainly due to staying still for several hours, often in an inappropriate and uncomfortable position. There are four:

  • Postural fatigue
  • Increased weight on intervertebral discs (stiffness and pain in the back)
  • The risk of thrombophlebitis (poor circulation)
  • Cervical pain (neck)

Travel: three essential tips to avoid pain

To avoid these problems, future travelers have every interest in putting these three tips into practice.

Move as soon as possible

When you have to sit for several hours, it is best to stretch and move everyhour. Relax, change position, take off your seat back for a few minutes, stretch your arms and neck with gentle movements, but relax your muscles. Move your ankles by pulling your toes towards you, then pointing your feet to stimulate blood circulation. For knowing more on this, visit to

If you can get up, as in the plane, do it as much as possible. While standing, do not hesitate to stimulate your legs and in particular your calves. The goal is to activate the calf muscles so that blood circulation is easier. Stand on tiptoe for a few seconds, then on the heels. In case of stopover, take the opportunity to walk a little and avoid sitting down immediately.

By car, as it is easier to stop, it is recommended to take breaks every two hours and to enjoy walking. Avoid taking a break and sitting in the restaurant.

Here are two simple exercises that you can do easily during your trip.

  • Adopt a good posture
  • The posture of the driver

By car, the driver’s posture is very important, especially if he is about to spend long hours behind the wheel.

Support your back to the backrest and adjust the lumbar support of your seat to sit comfortably. To adjust the distance of the steering wheel, you must be able to rest your wrists on the top of the steering wheel and let your hands hang on the other side (adjust the steering wheel in height and depth until you reach this position). When you hold the steering wheel, your elbows should be slightly bent to ensure comfort.

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